What's the point of being negative?

Dec 13, 2020

I’m calling you out today! 😬😳

You know that moment I’m talking about. When you’ve made a mistake and…

😡 It’s all you can think about.

😡 You’re being super hard on yourself.

😡 Telling yourself you suck.

😡 Feeling like total crap all day.

😡 You’ve got a bad attitude.

Even though… you did a lot of other really great things.

What’s the point of it?! What’s the point of being negative? 🤷‍♀️

Hint, hint… the answer is there is NO POINT! 🤗

And I’m sure you’re thinking, “okay, well great Paige, but it’s hard to be positive in these moments.”

I know! I get it. 💯.

I want you to think about pushing back against the negativity.

I want you to think about questioning it right back.

I want you to think about getting curious about your negative thoughts.

Here are some ideas…

🔸 What if I just learn from this?

🔸 What if I show up even better the next time?

🔸 What is this teaching me?

🔸 What if I let it go?

🔸 What if I release the negative?

🔸 What if I thought about this differently?

🔸 What if I go into my next game with confidence?

🔸 What if I told myself empowering things?

🔸 What if I gave myself some grace?

It just takes a simple shift in mindset to turn things around.

You can do it! 📣

Leave the negativity behind. It’s just holding you back from being your best self!

This is what I want my girl athletes to know in The Confident Athlete. To think differently. To push back. To question their thoughts and choose new ones. AND IT’S WORKING! 🔥

Want more of this?

Join The Confident Athlete! We start this JANUARY! I can’t wait to see you there!


Keep on keepin’ on,


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