What to do with negative coaching... 😡😭🤬😫

Aug 25, 2019

We all run into this as parents and athletes, right?! There are going to be coaches that just aren't clicking the way we want them to. There are going to be coaches that are, let's just be honest, NEGATIVE. 🙄

That doesn't mean you have to quit, complain, give up, or feel hopeless. I've got you! 🤗

I don't coach and mentor coaches, although I've had requests (lol). But, I do coach and mentor elite girl athletes on how to create self confidence from within THEM! I am helping them create a defense for negative coaching, negative people, challenges in life, self doubt, all the hard stuff! 💪🧠💗

So here it is! The tips and tricks on how to handle negative coaching so you can help your daughter play at her best, love the game again, and achieve those big dreams of playing on the big stage in the spotlight shining like they deserve to! 👇👇👇

1️⃣Teach your daughter how to create their own self confidence
💁‍♀️Empower them to be confident independently 
💁‍♀️Opinions Exercise
💁‍♀️Love Letter (See my video on how to write a love letter HERE)

2️⃣Teach your daughter how to have an "adult" conversation with a coach (or authority figure)
🗣Role play with them so they feel confident about having a conversation with their coach
🗣Let them know that it's okay to ask questions, to ask for something, sometimes coaches don't even know they are doing something wrong

3️⃣Teach your daughter to put a plan of action in place 
Advise them to schedule a call or a meeting with their coach to have that "adult" conversation 
📝Visualize (Download my FREE visualization practice HERE)
📝Map it out and put a plan on paper (planner or agenda) for extra practice, mindset work, etc.

I can't wait to see how your daughter's are going to flourish because of these things! If you have questions or problems, please SHARE. We are all in this together. 💕

You've go this! 👊👊👊


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