What your daughter says to herself matters

You are what you say you are. 🤔

Or… your daughter is what she says she is.

So, if she tells herself crappy, negative, horrible things, she’ll probably show up in life, perform, and compete like those things she just told herself. 💩💩💩

I used to tell myself...

🤮 I’d never be a great hitter.

🤢 I’d never get awards or honors.

🤮 I’d never be the starting catcher.

🤢 I suck at writing papers.

🤮 I am a bad test taker.

🤮🤢🤮 There was more... meaner, nastier, crappier thoughts.

I told myself these stories about how I was just a below-average hitter and I only made the lineup because I can catch.

Bull💩! Excuse my language.

I made the lineup because I worked my 🍑 off!!

It’s time to put a 🛑 to these stories we make up or that other people have made up for your daughter. WE get to create what stories we want for US!

This week in Mindset Lessons, we are working on creating the story that we WANT rather than believing the story that other people are telling us or the story we don’t want but keep telling ourselves.

Let me help her see that what she says to herself matters! 

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💕 Paige

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