Why can't I just believe in myself?!

Has your coach or parent ever said, “Just believe in yourself out there!”

🙋‍♀️Yuppppp, been there!

You were probably thinking umm, yes, that would be great, I would love to believe in myself while deep down inside you don’t believe in yourself at all. 😩

You’re scared, you’re nervous, you’re worried, you’re overthinking, you’re doubting yourself.

It’s so frustrating. Right?! 😭🤬🤯

Here’s what it takes to believe in yourself…

1️⃣ Start putting new thoughts in your head

2️⃣ Be okay with not believing them, YET

3️⃣ EMBODY these new thoughts

This is a weird way of teaching you how to believe in yourself, but this is what happened for me and it WORKS.

Anytime I am facing that fear, nerves, worries, overthinking, doubt and not believing in myself with something…

1️⃣ I write down new thoughts.

Here’s an example:

Limiting belief >> I don’t believe that I can be the great hitter that I want to be.

New thoughts >> I am a powerful and clutch hitter. I can hit anything that pitcher throws me. Hitting is easy.

2️⃣ Then, it's okay with the fact that you might not believe this new thought, YET. Key word, YET! It takes practice for this thought to start sticking. Don’t give up on it though.

3️⃣ Last, EMBODY these new thoughts. I mean act as if these new thoughts are real.

For example:

When I started thinking these new thoughts, I was going up to my bat acting like I was the boss. Like I had loads of home runs under my belt. Like I was strong. Like I was going to get a hit no matter what.

This is the magical part. It starts to feel real. It starts to sink in. YOU ARE THAT GIRL. ✨

It takes practice, it takes vulnerability, it takes faith, but I promise, it’s worth it and you will BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

We are going to be practicing this week by week and day by day in The Confident Athlete starting the 6th of September!

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Keep on keepin’ on,

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