You're killin' it at lessons, but games are a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e

I remember working soooo hard at practice. Hours and hours. Long, hot, sweaty practice with some good ol’ conditioning or baserunning at the end.

I also remember plenty of games where all that hard work at practice felt like it was for


There were days I wondered why I was even working so hard when it wasn’t showing up in my performance at my games.

For all of you that feel me on this, I’ve got good news. Great news!

If you are…

👊Working your butt off

👊Being consistent

👊Giving it all you have


You’re only missing one thing that is going to make a HUGE difference in your games…

🧠 Your mindset.

You’re already putting in the work physically. Now it’s time to add a little mindset work.

When I started working on my mindset (my thoughts, my emotions, my beliefs) I doubled my batting average, was wayyyyy happier, and came in clutch for my team when they needed me the most.

Some ways to start adding some mindset work to your weekly routine…

1️⃣ Visualization 

2️⃣ Self Talk

These two simple things are going to take you from constantly frustrated in your games to being the bad @$& athlete you were meant to be.

Here are ways you can start actually practicing those 2 things.

1️⃣ Visualization >> get my FREE Visualization Practice Package

2️⃣ Self Talk >> Check out my Mini Camp to start practicing

Physical Practice + Mindset Practice = SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE

Keep on keepin’ on,


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