You're more than just an athlete

Jun 12, 2020

When I have the first conversation with a mom or dad about what their daughter is struggling with on the mental side of the game, I share with them how I can support them, but the best part of the calls are…

When that mom or dad says…

“I’m so excited about this program because I know this will be so much more than softball (or volleyball or soccer or basketball)!”

That’s when I know a family is a perfect fit for my program, The Confident Athlete. 💓

When we figure out that we are more than just an athlete… INCREDIBLE THINGS HAPPEN!

Incredible things like…

🙌 Success
🙌 Results
🙌 Confidence
🙌 Happiness
🙌 Love

How the heck do you figure out that you are more than just an athlete though?

It starts with you.

It starts with asking yourself…

🤔 Who do I want to be?
🤔 How do I want to show up?
🤔 What are my down-to-the-core values?
🤔 What do I want to be known and remembered for?
🤔 How do I want people to feel?

*This is what I did my senior year of college and I doubled my batting average, tripled my at bats, and had the best year ever.


What kind of athlete do I want to be?
What records do I want to break?
What awards do I need?
What teams do I want to make?

When you answer those questions about YOU. When you decide who you want to be day in and day out…

🌈 The success will come.
🌈 The results will fall right into place.
🌈 The confidence will be created.
🌈 The happiness will be pouring out.
🌈 The love will be contagious.

That’s when you become more than just an athlete.

Show up as the person you want to be day in and day out. On the field and off the field. In practice and out of practice.

If this speaks to you, get a taste of what mentorship looks like with me and sign up for my FREE Online Workshop: 3 Reasons You Aren’t Feeling Confident.

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Keep on keepin’ on,

💕 Paige

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