Your daughter can’t stop thinking about the last mistake she made?

Aug 15, 2022

Does your daughter fixate on the last mistake she made? 

Just can’t shake it? 

Dwelling on it for hours and hours? Even after the whole weekend is over? 

I know it’s probably so frustrating for you to watch her do this.

Mistakes are so hard to get over because nobody WANTS to make a mistake. But, the truth none of us really want to hear is…

Mistakes are going to happen and she has to learn how to get past them so she can play to her full potential. So she can be successful and have the results that she wants, that you want for her!

Easier said than done, right?! 

Here’s a quick and easy question that will get her thinking about shifting her focus away from the mistake…

👉 What has fixating and non-stop thinking about the last mistake you made done for you in the past? 

There are also a few different ways your daughter can work on acknowledging her mistakes, learning from them, and moving through them. Not just getting over it because then she didn’t learn anything. And, trust me, as an athlete myself, I was not just going to get over it like nothing happened.

✅ Mistake Reflection (something I teach in The Confident Athlete - did you know that TCA Program will be opening up for enrollment NEXT MONTH?!) 

✅ Self Talk (also in TCA)

✅ Visualizing next play/success (also in TCA)

✅ Deep breaths (also in TCA)

✅ Mistake Ritual 

The mistake ritual is something we are working on in Mindset Lessons this week! This is a tool that I learned from Positive Coaching Alliance and it’s a physical action that allows us to slow down and move past our mistakes.

Tons of professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes use a mistake ritual to help them. I’ll be sharing a few of these examples in the lesson this week and then your athlete will actually create her own mistake ritual to use!

So, don’t wait another second… sign her up for this week’s Mindset Lesson so she can start getting through the mistakes and finding more success AND feel more confident! 

Can’t wait to see her in there!

💕 Paige

P.S. I mentioned a lot of other tools that help with getting past mistakes that I teach in The Confident Athlete Program and it opens up for enrollment in a month! Make sure to join the waitlist to get first dibs! Join the waitlist here!

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