Your daughter doesn't know how great she is...

Have you thought or said this before…

😔My daughter doesn’t even realize how great she is.

😔My daughter doesn’t think she is an amazing athlete.

😔My daughter doesn’t see her self worth.

😔My daughter doesn’t see what everyone else sees in her.

I get these messages way too often. It breaks my heart to hear and see that girls don’t realize how great they really are.

I really think that these beliefs come from…

🧐Feeling like we have to prove ourselves to be worthy

🧐Thinking that if we actually think we are great, that it will come off as being arrogant, conceited, or overconfident

🧐Always feeling like we have to be perfect at anything we do

I often times do a little exercise with the girls I work with and ask them to write down ONE thing they love about themselves…

😬It’s awkward for them.

😬It takes them way longer than it should to write down one thing.

😬It ends up being surface level stuff.

😬It’s hard for them to write down just one thing they love about themselves.

Here is how to help your daughter start seeing her worth, how great she really is, and unlock her potential we all know she has inside. 💖

Challenge her 👊


Have her write down an I am statement. Something she may not really believe about herself. Make her get uncomfortable. Even better… do it with her! 

Example: I am making an impact on my team no matter what happens on the field.

💟Self Love

Have her write down one thing she loves about herself. Again, something she may not really totally love… YET! Do this with her. Show her you love thing about yourself too.

Example: I love that I make people happy by being a dork!

Practice, practice, practice. Make this your morning routine before anyone does anything. Do it at breakfast! Or maybe even at dinner. 

Even if it doesn’t seem like she believes it. Let it take its course.

What we say and think is what we believe! 💫

I happen to know a mentor and group of girls that are practicing this whole loving ourselves CONSISTENTLY! Oh wait… that’s my program, The Confident Athlete! Ha! 

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Keep on keepin’ on,


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