Your daughter's negative thoughts are giving her negative results

Is your daughter having a lot of negative thoughts? Especially after mistakes?

You’re not alone. A lot of athletes are going through the same thing. As athletes, we tend to forget or just truly don’t even know how powerful our thoughts are. 

She might not know that her negative thoughts are what is giving her negative results.

I know that when I was playing growing up and in college, I thought that if I just kept pushing harder, practicing more, making adjustments, then I would have better results… except when I didn’t.

Most of the time, I was just getting in my own way with my negative thoughts.

Thoughts dictate how we feel, how we take action, and our end results and outcomes.

One way you can help her realize just how important her thoughts are to her success is by letting her hear it from someone other than you. 

I know… so annoying. But, you’re mom or dad and you’re supposed to be Positive Polly and believe in her no matter what. She needs to hear it from you, from her coaches, from other mentors, and from athletes who have been in her shoes!

So, what do you have to lose?! Have her check out this week’s Mindset Lesson because it’s all about learning how our negative thoughts are creating negative results and how to create better thoughts so she can be more successful out on the field/court and in life!

Grab this week’s Mindset Lesson here! 

I can’t wait for her to know that she has the power to create better thoughts and better results! 💪💪💪

💕 Paige

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