Afraid to be judged?

Jan 31, 2022

In this past week’s Mindset Lessons (if you don’t know what these are, click that link for all the details), I had multiple athletes tell me they’d like to talk about letting go of what others think about their performance.

So, naturally, that’s what today’s tip is all about!

Are you afraid to be judged? Do it anyway!! Okay, okay… easier said than done, right?!

You are not alone, first off. So many of us are afraid to speak up, ask a question, go first, raise our hand, try something new, go all out with the possibility of messing up out of the fear of being judged by others.

Here’s the reality, the truth. Whenever you do it anyway and put yourself out there, you give people something to respond to. Whether you like it or not.

But, here’s what I want you to always remember…

✅ You can’t control how other people will perceive you or judge you. Trust me, it’s not worth your time or energy trying to control it.

✅ You will be judged. 😬 Not everyone is going to understand you. Not everyone will get you. You’re not going to be for everyone. Those who judge you oftentimes are just envious of your courage to go for it. You will feel the pressure lifted when you accept that’s OKAY and will learn to show up as yourself! 

In weekly Mindset Lessons THIS WEEK, we will be talking about this in-depth and talking about how to let go of others' judgment so we can show up and be ourselves without that fear of judgment!

Join us and get on the schedule this week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week)!


See you soon!



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