How to gain confidence right before you play (hitting, serving, shooting, pitching, etc.)

Imagine this… you're watching your daughter at her softball game and she’s about to go up to bat. She already looks hesitant, maybe even scared up there. You’re already thinking, she’s toast. She has no confidence up there and you instantly worry about how she’s going to respond for the rest of that game and the rest of the weekend’s tournament.

Sound familiar? 

I know it can be so frustrating and even heartbreaking watching your daughter struggle to feel confident when you know how great she is.

I have TWO solutions for you that you can use right away!

1️⃣ I’m having a Parent Workshop just for parents like yourself that feel like that 👆. It’s called, Confidence as an Athlete and Young Woman: Help your daughter build real, lasting, stable self-worth and value. 

We are going to cover these things that will help her in this exact situation 👆

👊 What to say to your daughter to help her build confidence (and what not to say)

👊 How to help her focus on the positive rather than being her own worst enemy

👊 Ways to start taking action (for you and your daughter)

- YES, we will be talking about a mental training program that will help your daughter take action on this confidence work with your support alongside her!

It’s this Sunday morning and Monday evening! Sign up at www.paigetonz.com/workshop

2️⃣ Since the 1st thing is for YOU, this one is for your athlete. This week’s Mindset Lesson is literally titled: How to gain confidence right before you play (hitting, serving, shooting, pitching, etc.). 

I am going to teach your daughter a pre-performance routine that will have her feeling calm, collected, empowered, and feeling good right before that at bat!

Grab a spot in this week’s lessons at www.paigetonz.com/lessons

Let’s do this! 


💕 Paige


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