How to give your daughter the confidence to talk to her coach

Does your daughter get nervous about having to talk to her coach about playing time? Where she wants to play? College recruiting? Feedback?

I did too as an athlete! All the way up to college.

I remember being soooooo incredibly nervous for my meetings with my college coach. I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it all day. Sometimes, I would even schedule them earlier in the day if I could, just so I didn’t feel like that all day long!

But, after I left that meeting with my coach, after talking about what her expectations were for me, what I wanted, what I needed, my goals, how I was doing, what I could do to get better…


Even if there were emotions and tears in the meeting, I felt like the weight was off my shoulders and I could just go play, perform, and compete!

Having these conversations with my coach helped me…
👏 Build trust with her
👏 Understand what was expected of me
👏 Grow as a leader
👏 Be on the same page as my coach
👏 Have a plan to improve

These conversations are important.

And let’s be really clear here… these conversations are important for your DAUGHTER to have with her coach, not you as the parent.

So… how do you empower her to have more confidence to talk to her coach about different things?!

A plan! Help her create a plan. Write down what she wants or needs, why she wants or needs that, questions for her coach, and setting a time and place she’s going to actually take action and have this conversation.

I’ve got 2 ways I can help you do this too!
1️⃣ This week in Mindset Lessons we are doing exactly this! Sign her up and she will walk away with a plan and confidence to talk to her coach!
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Questions?! Reply to this email!

Can’t wait to help your daughter be a strong, confident communicator!


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