How to help your daughter stay motivated to accomplish her goals

Oct 24, 2022

Is your daughter struggling to stay motivated and accomplish her goals that she has set for herself?

It can be hard to stay on track. Keep our eye on the prize.

Most times we set goals and forget about them.

One way to stay motivated to accomplish goals is to go back and look at them, then reflect consistently. I do this EVERY 👏SINGLE 👏MONTH 👏!

This process helps me…
👉 Celebrate my achievements, progress, and wins along the way
👉 Learn from what’s happened in this past month - good and bad
👉 Understand what distractions are coming up
👉 Learn what actions I can take to improve
👉 Notice the people who are inspiring me and making me better
👉 Know how I’m taking care of myself to show up my best
👉Create how I want to feel going into the next month
👉Get focused in on what I want to do and accomplish in the next month
👉Figure out what I want to give myself permission to do next month
👉Create a plan for when I do run into challenges and struggles

If your daughter could use some of this ⬆️⬆️⬆️

I’ve got great news! We are working on a monthly reflection and looking forward to Mindset Lessons THIS WEEK! Going through this exact process.

I’ve got more great news! This monthly reflection that I do every single month is actually in the planner I created for girl athletes specifically, GamePlan which is all a part of the Mini Course, Balancing School + Sports Stress-Free, where I walk your athlete step by step on how to have better time management by using that planner and also the monthly reflection! Skills she won’t only use now, but for the REST OF HER LIFE!

You can schedule this week’s Mindset Lesson here!
You can grab the Mini Course: Balancing School + Sports Stress-Free here!

Hope to meet your daughter soon!


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