The Recipe for Confidence!

Oct 25, 2020

The key to confidence is a mixture of things. Kind of like your favorite recipe.

My favorite recipe, hands down, is chocolate chip cookies! 🍪🍪🍪

When you make cookies, you can’t really deviate from the recipe or else they end up flat, or too salty, or burnt lol.

Same thing goes for your confidence. You have to consistently take action in order to have that confidence you want!

Here’s the recipe…

Recipe for Confidence ⤵️

🍪 Ingredients:

➡️ Visualize before practice/games and during practice/games

➡️ Write down affirmations every day

➡️ Say affirmations before practices/games and during practices/games

➡️ Use a planner

➡️ Work hard at practice

➡️ Breathe when things feel hard

🍪 Directions:

Mix these ingredients together. Repeat daily. Trust the process, smile, and have fun. Results will happen.

There it is. Pretty simple!

Here are some resources to help you out with these ingredients!

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Get the same planner that I use here!

Sign up for the FREE Online Workshop: 3 Easy Steps to Start Feeling Confident!

Time for some chocolate chip cookies now! 

Keep on keepin’ on,

💕 Paige

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