Habits of a Successful Student-Athlete

Oct 03, 2019

You want to know the secret to building confidence?
You want to know the secret to getting the RBI? 
You want to know the secret to being the leader or captain on your team? 
You want to know the secret to getting that scholarship to your dream school?


There's the secret!

The best athletes and the most successful people in life have positive, consistent, healthy habits.

Here are some habits that lead to success...
Time Blocking 
Healthy Eating
Self Care

The one that I want to talk about today is the agenda/planner.

This is the biggest piece of advice I give to girls that are asking how to balance their sport and school, how to be prepared for the next level, and just be more successful in general.

Step 1: Get yourself a planner or agenda (usually the schools give them out for FREE)!
Step 2: Take a day in the beginning of your week to look ahead. My coach calls this grounding day! 
Step 3: Write it...

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How to be mentally prepared for your games ✊

Sep 24, 2019

We want to be confident, relaxed, focused, and instinctive when we are competing, but HOW?! ‍

There were so many times my coaches or parents were like, "Paige, just be confident out there!" And all I could think was... okay, that's great, I wish I felt like that, but I DON'T!

Don't you worry, girl. I'm going to give you some how to's!

It is all about your mental preparation.

Think about it like your practices, lessons, extra work all week. You are practicing your skills, building strength, and working on your conditioning.

Mental preparation is just mental conditioning. Working on your mindset!

This means you are going to have to take some action and start practicing to become mentally prepared for your games. Here comes the HOW!

It's all about your pre-game routines and habits. Here is a list of different routines and habits you can start doing and adding to your very own pre-game routine.

1. Visualization: see yourself succeeding
2. Positive Self Talk: mantras, affirmations,...

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Raising a Self Confident Daughter into a Self Confident Woman

Sep 23, 2019

My mission is to help girl athletes build self confidence so they can rock it when competing in their sport. So, I am so excited to share this podcast episode that I am a guest on with Amanda Walker, who is instilling confidence in women. 

On Amanda's podcast, Feel Amazing Naked, we talk about how to raise self confident daughters who grow up to be self confident women. We give 10 tips for growing your self confidence, so make sure you listen in (and I have them listed below)!

As a former athlete as well, Amanda helps women gain confidence through her lifestyle health coaching program, Feel Amazing Naked. She is on a mission to help women transform their body and minds. 


From Amanda Walker's Podcast...


If action is what’s necessary for growing our confidence, we need to know which actions will have the best results. I asked Paige to help brainstorm 10 tips...

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5 Mental Skills for Sports + Performance

Sep 17, 2019

If you want to be the best of the best, get out of your comfort zone, achieve your goals and dreams, gain confidence on and off the field, be a leader, and play to your full potential...

Here are the mental skills you HAVE to start practicing!

1. Visualization - see yourself succeed, see your most confident version of you, see yourself coming in CLUTCH!

2. Breathe - yep, simple as that. Take a big deep breath in, and let it go. Let the fears go. Let the worries go. Let it all out!

3. Be Mindful - this just means be present, be in the moment, get grounded, and focus on the task right in front of you.

4. Positive Self Talk - today we are talking mantras. Create a mantra, a saying you can tell yourself over and over again, write it on your glove, your jersey, wherever you need to see it and remind yourself. Example: "I am a confident, enthusiastic, powerhouse!"

5. Let go and mistakes are okay - I'm giving you permission to 100% believe that MISTAKES ARE OKAY! Don't be afraid to...

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Playing Afraid because You Don't Want to Let Down Your Coach, Team, or Parents?

Sep 06, 2019

Playing scared?
Playing afraid?
Afraid of falling short?
Scared to fail?
Afraid to lose?

This was totally me. I was afraid to make mistakes in PRACTICE!!!
Isn't practice where we were supposed to mess up, fail, make mistakes, so we could get better?! ‍

I was so afraid that if I wasn't perfect, I wouldn't make the lineup OR I would be judged OR I wasn't good enough.


All of you girls that are putting this pressure on yourself, we are STOPPING that crap!

We are going to start playing for ourselves. 
YOU are going to start playing for YOU! 
YOU are going to start playing the game because YOU love it!

When you play for YOU, leave it out on the field, play with confidence, forget the results and the statistics, YOU are going to be a rockstar, sister!

So, how?! Here it is.

You are going to close your eyes.
See the most confident, powerful, strong, beautiful, happy, version of you.
What does that look like? 
What do you...

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Frustrated with how you're playing? Rise to the Top with These New Thoughts!

Aug 31, 2019

Hey there {{first_name}}!

Have you ever failed?
Made a mistake?
Struck out? 
Missed the shot?

And then thought...

I suck. 
I'll never be great at this. 
Why do I even try? 
I'm worthless.

Well girlfriend, those thoughts and that thinking is changing TODAY!

Watch this or read below!! 

My coach shared this practice with me called the thought model and it is seriously a game changer!!

We have unintentional thoughts that we are going to get under control and make them into INTENTIONAL thoughts.

When something happens, we have...
Thoughts that lead to...

Feelings, that lead to...

Actions, that lead to...

This is what it looks like when we are unintentional with our thoughts...
C (Circumstance) = Strike out
T (Thoughts) = "I suck and I'll never be a great hitter!"
F (Feelings) = Worry, sad, frustration 
A (Action) = Dwell on it, sulk, pissed off at everything
R (Result) = Strike out again, make an error 

We don't want those RESULTS! So,...

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What to do with negative coaching... 😡😭🤬😫

Aug 25, 2019

We all run into this as parents and athletes, right?! There are going to be coaches that just aren't clicking the way we want them to. There are going to be coaches that are, let's just be honest, NEGATIVE.

That doesn't mean you have to quit, complain, give up, or feel hopeless. I've got you!

I don't coach and mentor coaches, although I've had requests (lol). But, I do coach and mentor elite girl athletes on how to create self confidence from within THEM! I am helping them create a defense for negative coaching, negative people, challenges in life, self doubt, all the hard stuff!

So here it is! The tips and tricks on how to handle negative coaching so you can help your daughter play at her best, love the game again, and achieve those big dreams of playing on the big stage in the spotlight shining like they deserve to!

1Teach your daughter how to create their own self confidence
‍Empower them to be confident independently 
‍Opinions Exercise

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What to do NOW to play college sports...

Aug 19, 2019

Parents OR Athlete,

What does it take to play college ball?

That's the ultimate question.

I know your end goal is for your daughter or for YOU to play college sports at the end of the road. It's the ultimate dream, right?!

It was definitely mine. I could see myself in that college uniform, on that college field, in front of fans, at the BIG school! And don't you forget, I was going to make it and be a STARTER!

Go 'Cats!

So, here is how you get there!



Taking Action

Mentally + Physically

Here's the breakdown...

Dreams: This is the part where you dream of playing at the college level!
Be the starting catcher and bad-a$$ hitter at Northwestern University

Goals: This is the part where you start mapping out how you get to that dream and you WRITE THEM DOWN!
Lead the team in RBI's
Be the starting catcher throughout high school
Get straight A's
Be mentally tough

 Taking Action: This is the part where you do the WORK that is going to allow you to achieve your goals and...

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How to talk to your daughter after a bad day on the field (or the court)!

Aug 11, 2019

{{first_name}}, it's what you've been waiting for! 

This is for my parents! 

Have you ever struggled with that conversation... 
After a bad day on the field or on the court? 
In a tournament? 
After a horrible game? 
After watching strike out after strike out LOOKING? 
After seeing your girl make mistake after mistake? 

We all know that in that car after any of those things, you just want your daughter to GET IT, figure it out, learn from it, and ultimately play to potential you know she is capable of. 

Butttttttt... that conversation can get a little complicated, messy, angry, upsetting, and just down right emotional. 

So, let me help you out! I've got you, {{first_name}}!!! 

The next conversation you have with your daughter after one of these scenarios above, this is what you're going to do... 

1. Set boundaries ‍
Boundaries are just a way to keep you and your daughter safe when it comes to your emotions. Both of...

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Are you really going to let no stop you? Heck no!

Aug 03, 2019

{{first_name}}, don't let someone get in the way of what you've worked so hard for! 

Somebody told me no recently and I wanted to just give up. But then, I realized that wasn't the answer. I'm better than that. I'm more determined than that. I've worked too hard to just stop. I don't care if someone tells me no! 

I'm going to keep going no matter who tells me no!  

Have you ever been told no? 
Heard a coach tell you no? 
Didn't make the line up? 
Someone told you that you're not good enough? 
You can't do this? 
You can't do that?

This is the most heart wrenching, gut punching answer from someone because as athletes, we are determined, goal driven, dreamers, and we are going for it!

When someone tells us no, it hurts. We can get frustrated, upset, angry, annoyed, sad, self doubt, fear, and we want to give up.

But! I am telling you this NOW! 

If you don't get played that game...
If you get pulled from a game...
If someone tells you no...

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