How to talk to your coaches about playing time

Jun 28, 2020

Are you afraid to talk to your coaches about playing time? 

I know I was terrified to go into my coach’s office for our individual meetings. Not because they were bad, it’s just this thing about talking to the head coach that makes all of your decisions (which feel like your life depends on them at the moment).

This is something we just talked about in my programs because it’s REALLY important.

It’s important to know how to talk to your coaches about this sensitive topic. 

Let’s talk playing time! This one is BIG!

My rule of thumb is, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

If you don’t tell your coaches what you want, they might not ever know!

3 things when talking about playing time…


It HAS to come from YOU!

When it comes from you, all it’s saying to your coach is that you are passionate about this goal of wanting more in a certain position. 


Right time, right place is important.

Don’t talk to your coach about...

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How to avoid letting one mistake turn into a bad day

Jun 18, 2020

Have you ever made that one mistake and all the sudden it feels like the world is ending?

Or… that one mistake led to 5 more mistakes.

Or… you make that mistake and it’s all you can think about for the rest of the day?

I feel ya girl! 

And I’ve got YOU!

I teach my girls in my program these 4 steps to confidence after a mistake…

1 Awareness

Just knowing that your thoughts are starting to spiral to a destruction and having the mindfulness to be like, “’s happening, shift your thoughts.”

2 Reflect

Ask yourself these 3 questions. 

What did I do well?

What did I not do so well? (this is the easy one)

How do I get better?

3 Remodel

See the lesson in your mistake. Learn from it. Use it as fuel. Use it as a tool to get better and move forward. Tell yourself what you ARE actually capable of!

Pro tip: this is where affirmations come in! 

Example: “This was one mistake. I’m a powerhouse. I can hit...

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You're more than just an athlete

Jun 12, 2020

When I have the first conversation with a mom or dad about what their daughter is struggling with on the mental side of the game, I share with them how I can support them, but the best part of the calls are…

When that mom or dad says…

“I’m so excited about this program because I know this will be so much more than softball (or volleyball or soccer or basketball)!”

That’s when I know a family is a perfect fit for my program, The Confident Athlete.

When we figure out that we are more than just an athlete… INCREDIBLE THINGS HAPPEN!

Incredible things like…


How the heck do you figure out that you are more than just an athlete though?

It starts with you.

It starts with asking yourself…

Who do I want to be?
How do I want to show up?
What are my down-to-the-core values?
What do I want to be known and remembered for?
How do I want people to feel?

*This is what I did my senior year of...

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Fight the negative thoughts

Jun 06, 2020

You have to fight em’

The negative thoughts are going to come up.

“You suck at this.”

The self doubt will creep into your head.

“You aren’t good enough.”

The fear will sink in.

“You can’t do this.”

So you have to fight back!

Here’s how…

Question the out of your thoughts.

When those negative thoughts come up, you have to start questioning them.

When you are thinking, “I suck at this”...

Ask yourself these questions…

Is this true?

Is this 100% true?

Do I really suck at this? All the time?

Does this define who I am?

You will start to challenge your negative thoughts by asking these questions.

You will start to disempower those negative thoughts.

You will start to realize what is ACTUALLY true.

Use positive affirmations.

Create positive, confident, empowering statements! 


I am strong.

I am confident. 

I am worthy. 

I am capable.

I can do anything I set my mind...

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Nervous about that first practice back?

May 29, 2020

Nervous about that first practice back?

Afraid you might look dumb in front of all your teammates?

Worried you’ll be a little rusty?

These are all totally normal thoughts as you start trickling back into practice with your team.

You know how I know?

Because SOOO many of the girls in my program, The Confident Athlete, are telling me they are nervous about getting back into the swing of things at practice.

They have told me…

“I feel like I’ll be worse than some of the girls on my team.”

“I’m nervous I won’t do well on the actual field, it’s been awhile.”

“What if I make a mistake?”

I’m here to help you feel confident going into your practices and even games since being quarantined!

We are going to do a pre-practice-or-game-been-quarantined-for-a-little-too-long routine to get you feeling that confidence for practice or game.

  1. Visualize
  2. Affirmations
  3. Bring the energy!

You’re probably feeling...

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3 Reasons You Aren't Feeling Confident

May 22, 2020

The 3 reasons you aren’t feeling confident… AND how you can start building confidence NOW!

This is the NEW workshop that I’ll be doing in June!

A FREE Online Workshop for... 

Sports moms and dads

Girl Athletes


If this is you as an athlete OR your daughter OR your team…

Constantly being so dang hard yourself/herself/themselves

Putting in the time and not seeing results when it matters

Desperately want to feel confident

Want to know that you are going to rock it no matter what is thrown at ya

Then, this workshop is a MUST for you!

I have been digging deep into my own experiences as an athlete, learning from the girl athletes and parents I work with every day, and I keep seeing the same things over and over again that keep us from feeling that unshakeable, undeniable, feel-good confidence.

It took me 11+ years to figure out how to feel confident. Like real, true, authentic confidence.

I am sometimes frustrated that it took me that long...

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Failure is a good thing!

May 16, 2020

Failure is a good thing!

Knowing what I know now, it’s kind of crazy to think I’ve thought failure is a bad thing all this time.

We have to fail in order to succeed.

So much harder than it sounds though.

Because failing sucks.

Failing feels like you’re the total loser.

Failing feels like you’re not good enough.

Failing feels like a gut punch.

Good news…

YOU are in control of your thoughts. Meaning… you get to control how you think about failure.

Here is the best way I can describe this.

EVERYONE says hitting a softball (or baseball) is one of the hardest things to do in all of sports.

So, naturally, I’ve always thought hitting is hard.

Hitting is hard. 

Hitting is so hard.

Hitting is the hardest part of our game.

Hitting the ball is freakin’ hard.

What the actual heck?!

Why would I keep thinking this over and over?

Why wouldn’t I be thinking…

Hitting is easy.

Hitting is so easy.

Hitting is the easiest...

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NFL Players use self talk every Sunday!

May 09, 2020

I watched this Youtube video about these NFL players who use self talk during warm ups and throughout their games and it was really cool because…

BIG TIME NFL PLAYERS are using positive self talk! What?! 

They weren’t just writing it down though, they were saying it out loud.

Here are just some of the self talk I heard from these big guys… 

“I’m a playmaker.” - Glover Quinn

“I was made for this.”

“Who do you want to be?” - Randall Cobb

“How do you want to be remembered?” - Randall Cobb

“I’m a gamechanger today.” 

“I’m #1, that’s who I want to be.” - Patrick Petersen

“I know I’m the greatest.” - Patrick Petersen

“Be great,”

“One play at a time.”

“Whatever happens, happens.”

Your self talk has to become part of your game. Part of your warm ups. Part of your routine. It has to become a part...

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Don't think you can be a leader?

Apr 30, 2020

I was working with one of my girls last week and she told me that she didn’t want to be a leader because that means she would have to be bossy.

Honestly, my heart sank a little bit. All I could think was… shoot, if she thinks this, more girl athletes think this too.

Myth: Leader = Bossy

Truth: Leader = Inspiring 

So, how do you be inspiring??


You are unique and special in your own way.

The world needs all different kinds of leaders.

YOUR TEAM needs all different kinds of leaders.

There are athletes that need a quiet, subtle, lead by example kind of leader and some athletes need a more outgoing, bigger personality kind of leader.

We resonate differently with different people. 

There are more women doing exactly what I do, but some like them more and some like more. AND THAT’S OKAY! 


Nobody likes being “told” what to do.

What not to say: “Hey! Stop slacking and go pick up those balls over...

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The moment that changed me as an athlete and a person…

Apr 24, 2020

BTW… I’m not going to give you a tip or an exercise or a lesson, but I am going to share something that will help you SO MUCH. 

Everyone has been talking about a pivotal moment. Something that changed them forever.

I didn’t think I had one. 


I’ve been doing some deep thinking about my journey to where I am at today.

And just like you, it’s had ups, downs, peaks, valleys, ultimate highs, ultimate lows, twists, turns, top-of-the-world feelings, and gut punches.

The moment that changed me as an athlete and a person… 

Was the beginning of my senior year of college.

Just to let you know… it hasn’t been all glorious rainbows and unicorns since my senior year, but this moment I’m about to tell you about was everything. 

This moment I’m about to tell you about was my first REAL step towards faith, towards God and his plan (and I didn’t even know it until today). 

I battled and...

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